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Before we get into “About me “ lets try to present to you how I can be your trusted source for healing. Lets take a quick walk through some of the roads I have traveled that led to the destination where I have arrived today.
My name is Ashwini Bhave and I am a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner – Teacher.  Certified by The International Center for Reiki Training (IRCRT) U.S.A. Beside Reiki, I am a certified practitioner of Pranic Healing, Dowsing and the Emotional Freedom Technique.

For most of my grown up life, from the time I started understanding life’s intricacies, what intrigued me most is how human beings can tune-in their energy to manifest greater mental and physical well being.

Since the days of my formal education, I dreamt of starting a healing center, a place where I could bring a  real meaningful change in people’s mind and body through healing. Where is this powerful healing process? I didn’t have a clue how to harness the process and thus began my path towards learning.

From all the limited options available I chose psychology as a specialization to learn how a human being functions the way they do. As Rumi says “What You seek is seeking You”

I was introduced to Reiki during graduation.Following my desire to fulfil my distant dream, I learned, explored and practiced Reiki and in the process helped my friends, colleagues and family members bring in positive changes.

Through several years of experience and exploration, I realized there is no single path that leads everyone through the process of healing. This led me to learn various alternative healing techniques. One can arrive at it through any of the several different ways which are divided according to the method: hands-on, hands-free and distance healing.


"Today I landed up at Ashwini place with low morale, low energy, and negative energy about my day in general. All I wanted to sleep so that I could avoid all the feeling. I asked her for some healing session. I don’t know the dynamic of Reiki and was experiencing it for the first time and to my surprise after 20 min I felt my lighter, energetic and cheerful again. Thanks a lot for the session."

Archna Sohal

"I went to Ashwini to experience a Pranic Healing session to explore and experience something new. After 2 minutes into the process I experienced a pressure of energy waves pushing and pulling around my physical being and it was the most b'ful experience of my life. After the process completion I felt so relieved from inside as if some huge stress block unknown to me was lifted. I felt Fresh, Free and Flowing."

Deepti Bhandari

"I am quite amazed by experience of Dowsing. Suggestion made through dowsing were very helpful in making decisions related to my business."

Vikas Jain
A good healer is a reasonable way to get personalized guidance.
​Energy Healing is both a process and a natural state. It involves clearing all our blocks, obstructions and distortions in our awareness and non-physical aspects to enable us to function as complete manifestations of our true nature. The process of healing can be experienced through several different techniques.


Healing, Mind-Body Balance

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