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​What is Pranic Healing ?

Pranic Healing® is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force.

It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing this life force that is readily available from the sun, air and ground to address physical & emotional imbalances. Pranic Healing is the use of the universal life energy, also known as prana, to create health and well-being.

Pranic healing works by correcting energy imbalances and blockages, removing used-up or diseased energy and replacing it with fresh prana. Depending on the particular condition of the patient, healing often happens almost instantly. Frequently, patients who experience such quick results are so impressed that they study to become pranic healers themselves. For this reason, the field of pranic healing is growing quickly internationally.

Pranic healing is not only helpful in clearing physical conditions, but it is also very helpful in treating psychological and psycho-spiritual disorders. Western medicine has considerable knowledge about the physical body – the body and organs that we can see and touch directly. However we also know that there is an energy body known as biosplasmic body or aura that exists with it.

By using a step-by-step methodology of cleansing, energizing and balancing on the energetic blueprint known as the aura, the physical , emotional and mental bodies’ ability to heal themselves are greatly accelerated.

​Benefits of Pranic Healing

Pranic healing increases the rate of healing by three times or more than the normal rate of healing. These are some of the few things that pranic healing can do. ​
  • ​It provides rapid healing power to the body.
  • It prevents manifestation of diseases in the body.
  • It helps to improve appetite.
  • It helps in building “energy shields” in your body.
  • In chronic conditions, it is used to initiate healing process.
  • It can help to bring down the temperature of a person suffering from high fever in just a few hours and heal it in a day or two in most cases.
  • It can relieve headaches, gas pains, toothaches, and muscle pains almost immediately in most cases.
  • It cures cough and cold immediately. Loose bowel movement can be healed in a few hours in most cases.
  • It develops inner peace, love and compassion in regular practitioners
  • Major illnesses such as eye, liver, kidney, and heart problems can be relieved in a few sessions and healed in a few months in many cases.
  • It cures physical diseases like arthritis, asthma, respiratory disorders, eye defects, hypertension, ovarian cyst, epilepsy etc.
  • It cures psychological problems like anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior patterns, phobias, trauma etc.
  • It removes discord in marital relations.
  • It helps to maintain family health, unity, peace and well-being.
  •  It heightens the level of intuition.
  •  It enhances inter-personal and positive relationships.
  • It increases sharper and clearer thinking.

​When can you have a Pranic Treatment

Pranic Healing does not have to be a stand alone treatment and can be used with other treatments. Pranic healing can be used :- ​

  • When you are not ill but want a relaxing treatment;
  • When you just want a pick me up or to boost your energy levels;
  • When you are on medication;
  • When you have cancer or chemotherapy;
  • With other complimentary therapies. ​
  • When you are going for surgery (before, during and after)
  • When you have plaster of paris;
  • When you are in hospital;
  • When you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant

​What to expect in a Pranic Healing Session

A short interview is conducted to determine the reason for the visit. The healer will ask questions related to the presenting problem, as well as questions on overall lifestyle. This is necessary for the healer to get an overall snapshot of the client. The client is instructed to remove shoes, belts and necklaces before treatment begins. If possible, the client is asked to stand during the session but may sit or lay down if necessary. Before beginning the session, the healer may ask the client for permission to begin treatment and may invoke a short prayer to ask for guidance. The client will be asked to place their tongue on the roof of their mouth during the treatment. This is to connect the two major energy fields of the body.

The healer begins by conducting a total body scan. The client is asked to hold their arms out from their body so the entire body can be scanned. The healer will scan the front side of the body first and then move to the back side and continue the scan. Once the scan has been completed, the healer will begin working on the affected Chakras. This includes removing old or bad energy, and “cords” which have become attached to the body and infusing the body with clean energy.

During the session, the healer will occasionally spray their hands with cleansing liquid and will have a bowl of salt water on the floor to dispose of the old energy. This is both for the welfare of the client and the healer.

The client is not touched during the session. It is not necessary to touch the client. The healer has been trained to feel old energy through the scanning process, which is then removed in the sweeping process. There is no pain involved in a pranic healing session. The client may feel cords of energy being removed, but it is not a painful experience. The client may also feel themselves being pulled towards the healer when new energy is infused into the client.

An average pranic healing session can last from 45 – 60 minutes.

The number and intensity of sessions needed vary from client to client. Initial sessions are basic evaluation sessions. You will benefit from this session but will likely require additional treatment sessions. Your healer will discuss the number of sessions needed after the first session has been conducted. It is recommended that each client have at least one pranic healing session per month when the ailment is healed to ensure the body stays healthy.

Can Pranic Healing cause harm?

Pranic healing is completely safe for the healer. The guidelines taught are very comprehensive. At no point does the healer following the pranic healing guidelines, run the risk of an adverse effect on his/her body. Keep in mind that the healer does not use his/her own energy to heal patients. Knowledge of basic pranic healing enables one to use it day in and day out for e.g.—work areas, relationships, effective money management. It is not restricted to healing patients. Everything that exists has energy.

Healing, Mind-Body Balance

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