Pendulum Dowsing


With pendulum dowsing, you can receive insight and detect certain energy vibrations to assess the overall health condition of your body with the highest accuracy. It can be used to answer all yes/no questions, and people often call it “The Truth Teller” because of its extraordinary accuracy.



Dowsing enables us to work at any distance around the world from the comfort of our own home. Distance, depth, height, date, location seem to make no difference and there are very few (if any) that cannot be found by dowsing and there is much more that can be found.


  • Basics of dowsing
  • Tuning in with dowsing pendulum
  • Technique to know about unknown targets
  • Asking the right questions
  • Practice with pendulum

You will also receive:

  • Certificate
  • Class manual
  • Pendulum Charts
  • Continued support from me
  • A two hour follow up session approximately three weeks after the course is completed for continued support in your Dowsing practice. It is a space to answer any questions, revise dowsing techniques.

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